Jigsaw Puzzles



Most of the pictures I paint are intended primarily for use as jigsaw puzzles and I have enjoyed a long and successful working relationship with Ravensburger and Gibsons in particular. I also have a number in the Falcon range, commissioned by Jumbodiset. The majority of puzzle stockists sell these three leading brands.

Besides supplying a range of online retailers, Gibsons sell directly from their own website. Here is a link to my page: https://gibsonsgames.co.uk/collections/all?_=pf&pf_t_artist=artist_Trevor%20Mitchell

From 2004 to 2022 my primary contact and collaborator at Gibsons was Geoff Lee. Geoff is immensely likeable and I always really appreciated his input in creating all those 4 puzzle box sets over the years. Now you can also benefit from his jigsaw puzzle expertise via his Everything Jigsaw website; here’s a link: https://www.everythingjigsaw.com/top-10-new-gibsons-jigsaw-puzzles-2023/

I am also delighted to license to WH Smith for their own brand Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter ranges and most recently, to The Works Retail Group.

For all you ex-pat puzzlers in New Zealand and Australia who love nostalgic pictures of the Britain you remember, look out for Holdson puzzles in your shops. I license my pictures to this Aukland based puzzle company and the link below will take you to one of my puzzles on their website. https://www.holdson.com/holdson-puzzle-at-the-station-500pc-xl-horsted-keynes-on-the-bluebell-railway