Jigsaw Puzzles

Events since March 2020 have lead to an unprecedented demand for jigsaw puzzles, so many have sold out as quickly as they have been re-stocked. This has inevitably lead to a few people taking advantage and a quick search online reveals many of the jigsaw puzzles I have illustrated being sold on Amazon and Ebay at hugely inflated prices. This is something I want to completely dissociate myself from, I don't gain from it and have nothing to do with it.

I want to share the information Gibsons have put out to guide customers towards the honest retailers selling their puzzles at a fair price, and avoid the rip-off merchants. They are encouraging puzzlers to support local, independent retailers if they can safely leave the house, or the independent web stockists if they are shielding. Here is link to that list:


Regarding the profiteering, here is a link to the statement Gibsons made in April when the inflated prices first came to their attention:


This next link will take you to the jigsaw puzzle range on the Gibsons website. You will find most of mine among their Multi Box Puzzles:


On the Ravensburger website, you will find the majority of my pictures among their 500 piece puzzles in series such as Happy Days at Work and Heritage Railways:


I am also delighted to illustrate for Jumbo Games Ltd for their Falcon Puzzles, and license to WH Smith for their own brand Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter ranges and most recently, to The Works Retail Group.

For all you ex-pat puzzlers in New Zealand and Australia who love nostalgic pictures of the Britain you remember, look out for Holdson puzzles in your shops. I license my pictures to this Aukland based puzzle company and the link below will take you to one of my puzzles on their website.