Wall Murals

Wall mural wallpapers are a great way of adding another dimension to a room, providing a life size view you feel you can step into. I provide these through a company called Wallsauce; please use this link to get a quote and view the images I’ve made available to them:


A trip down memory lane from the comfort of an arm chair is enjoyable for anyone, but when used in a care facility for the elderly they give added value. Wall murals featuring life-like images of their younger days not only make the environment more pleasurable for patients with dementia, they bring added benefit in aiding cognitive recall. 

I can now offer more choice than ever with an additional range of images available as wall murals from Azutura, this link will take you to my page on their website:


And now also with Australian company AJ Wallpaper, who also produce a range of my images on non slip rug mats. Here is a link to their site: